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My Headshot My name is James A. Arconati. Welcome to my online portfolio! Here you will find a collection of some of my previous projects. I am a web designer, web developer, online marketer and all-around Internet success consultant. If you need a little help or a lot of help, I can assist you.

What I Do:

I can do individual pieces of an overall web project, but where I really shine is when I fully consult with you regarding your business and web site. I'm interested in the big picture and I also care about the gritty details. I specialize in e-commerce but I've also done quite a bit of work with business profiles, content directories, high-traffic blogs, email marketing, social media marketing, photography portfolios, wedding sites, band websites and other personal sites.

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I have worked as a freelancer as well as a full-time manager, handling a variety of projects and a small team. I am currently for hire and I'd like to work for you.

For your convenience, there are many different ways for you to contact me. The phone and email options above will be the most expedient.

Ferguson-Florissant School District (NEW)

Example #1: Ferguson-Florissant School District

In 2006, I worked for the local school district as the lead web developer and designer. My main project was a content migration from a custom-built legacy website into a more advanced content management system (called Schoolwires). The new system included multiple layers for each school within the district to have it's own mini-site, activities calendar, photo gallery and content entries. In addition to this project, I also helped plan and create an alumni survey system to help the district understand their recent graduating classes activities.

Ferguson Christian Church † Growing in the Hearts of Ferguson_1225224308330

Example #2: Ferguson Christian Church

Since 2006, I've been the volunteer webmaster and online coordinator for my family's church. This ongoing project began in a discussion with church leadership recognizing that our congregation had local and global reach already through missions. But we needed an easily accessible central hub to share news and information. Additionally, as more and more local searches were being done online, it made sense that our church have a web site to welcome and invite new visitors. One goal was to be listed as one of the top results when someone searched for ferguson missouri churches, 63135 church and similar keyword phrases. This was accomplished within a few months and has expanded into a better awareness of our church in the local neighborhood.


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Example #3: American Optometric Association

While working freelance in 2010, I did regular work for the American Optometric Association, headquartered in my home town of St. Louis, MO. They serve an organized community of doctors, technicians and other experts with a customized array of email newsletters and publications. My assignment was the email marketing grunt work. My focus was taking the various articles and content pieces submitted in DOC format, converting them to PDF, uploading them to the server, and updating existing HTML templates for use in the next month's issue. In addition, I did my best to improve and streamline the existing template code to improve load times and server costs. There were strict publishing standards based on a set of fonts and image size requirements. Deadlines rotated every other week. Overall it was very enjoyable work.


IMG_2259 Late Sunset in Spring on the FARRm

DCP_2387 - Olivia's Field Trip to the Zoo DCP_1033.JPG - After Willowbrook High School Graduation 2005


Boy, it'll be so fine and laid-back and mellow and profitable. - Dr. Teeth (of the Electric Mayhem)


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